A silhouette of a man flying a paper airplane in front of a yellow sunset with white text saying business mediation beside himMediation is a process for resolving disputes with a neutral and impartial mediator. The mediator helps open and improve dialogue between two individuals in hopes of finding an acceptable resolution for everyone involved.

In the business context, mediation can be used to resolve disputes between partners, and between owners and customers, vendors or employees.  Mediation can also be used to assist parties in forming business partnerships.  

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Starting a Business with Mediation

There is more to starting a business than filling out the proper forms, obtaining the proper licenses, and filing the various documents with the appropriate State agencies. Starting a business involves inspiration, perspiration, and most importantly, planning.

Mediation can assist you in the planning and development of your new business – not just helping you fill out the right forms. We will help you and your partner(s) plan for the best and the worst, so you will be protected no matter what the rough and tumble world of business throws at you. We have experience in the creation of business organizations, and we are business owners ourselves, so we understand the needs of both a new and growing business. 

What do I do if my business is being sued?

If you formed your business as an entity, such as an LLC, Corporation or Limited Partnership, then you cannot represent your business in Court. The business entity must hire an attorney to represent itself in the lawsuit. If you have been sued individually, then you will likely need your own counsel as well.  

Mediation is a process that encourages you to participate in every stage of the discussions, focusing on your goals and interests.  You are encouraged to bring attorneys but it is not required, and either way you will have the opportunity to speak on your own behalf.  

Why should my family business use mediation?

Mediation is a process that respects relationships.  Family businesses combine financial, legal and relationship challenges, and require a process that respects those challenges, allowing for unique situations.  Mediation can be flexible and informative, when entered with an open-mind by all involved.

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