An orange peace sign on a navy blue background, with white text stating divorce and family law and underneath saying choose peace not war in light blue text.At Skylark we concentrate our efforts on helping prevent or reduce family conflict. Click the links below to learn more or if you would like more information please do not hesitate to call us at 508.655.5980 or e-mail us.

A row of yellow chairs in a blue room with a potted tree on the left. With you have options written above it in white textMediation involves meeting with a neutral mediator to assist you in reaching a settlement. Learn more.

Collaboration, also known as Collaborative Law, involves working with an advocate in a team setting to find family-based solutions that focus on your unique circumstances instead of treating every case the same. Learn more.

Representation can be in settlement negotiation, in court representation, in limited assistance representation, or in a combination of these options.  Learn more.

Rocks in a v formation on an orange sea during a sunset with divorce can be peaceful written above it in white textParenting Plans are comprehensive agreements which set out the time that children will spend with each parent.  Learn more.

Child Support is the amount of money paid by one parent to the other parent for the support of the children’s expenses. Learn more.

Alimony is paid by a higher income spouse to the other spouse to allow the recipient to continue to live in the lifestyle to which they were accustomed during the marriage, assuming there is enough income to do so. Learn more.

Division of Marital Property in a divorce case is controlled by M.G.L. Chapter 208 Section 34. Learn more.

QDROs & DROs help divide retirement accounts without a taxable event in divorce.  Learn more.

Divorce Law provides context to your rights in a divorce case in Massachusetts. Learn more.

Two people holding their arms towards the sky, with staying married written in navy blue beside them.A Prenuptial Agreement is a contract formed by a couple prior to their entering into marriage, setting the alimony or other property rights of the couple. Learn more.

A Postnuptial Agreement is one way to put some of the difficulties you have been having in your marriage on the table for an open discussion with your spouse.  Learn more.

Marital Mediation can help you strengthen your marriage, settling legal or financial issues that may be getting in the way of meaningful reconciliation.  Learn more.

A blue pair baby sneakers, and a graduation cap with an orange tassel. In the center it says unmarried parents in light blue text on a white background.Unmarried mothers in Massachusetts are presumed to be the legal and physical custodian of a child without going to court. However, without an agreement or court order there is no automatic parenting plan or child support.  Learn more.

Unmarried fathers in Massachusetts are not provided with any legal custody rights without going to court, but there are ways for parents to reach agreements or to obtain rights in court.  Learn more.

Unmarried parents who are separated can still plan for their child together. If they need help working out the details of how to plan for the baby they might want to consider attending mediation together.  Learn more.

Additional Family Law Practice Areas:

Adoption is the process by which one person becomes a parent by legally agreeing to care for another person’s biological child and to raise the child no different than his or her own biological child. Learn more.

A Guardian is a person appointed by the court to make non-financial decisions for another person, such as personal welfare, medical, housing and educational decisions, in the same way that a parent can for their minor child.  Learn more.

A Conservator may be appointed by the Court for the protection of a respondent if they are unable to “manage property and business affairs effectively” because of an impairment.  Learn more.

A Caregiver Authorization is an alternative to going to court for a guardianship of a minor. It is a form that allows a parent to give a Caregiver the power to make medical and education decisions for a child. Learn more.


Appeals allow you to you challenge a decision that you received from a Massachusetts Probate & Family Court.  Learn more.

Modification actions can allow you, in certain circumstances, to update a Judgment if there has been a significant change in your life.  Learn more.

Contempt actions are a request that the Court assist in the enforcement of orders or judgments by making punishing one party for failure to meet the obligations and requirements of an order or judgment. Learn more.

Guardian Ad Litem (GAL) is someone appointed by the Court for a specific purpose, usually when a case involves minor or incapacitated individuals.  Learn more.

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