2020 IACP Forum – October 19-29, 2020

2020 IACP 21st Annual Networking and Educational Forum 

Justin Kelsey, Jennifer Hawthorne and Beth Arrons of Skylark Law and Mediation will be presenting again this year at the virtual IACP Conference.  Justin, Jen, and Beth will be joined by Allison Bell, Kim Whelan, and Karen Van Kooy as they present on Gender Bias on Wednesday, October 28, 2020 beginning at 1:00 pm.  Workshop participants will gain a deeper understanding of the complex practical and ethical issues which need to be considered when mediation clients work with subject matter experts, and the benefits and potential challenges introduced by these other relationships.

This year’s theme is “The Door is Open!” and it turns out to be a particularly apt one as going virtual makes the Forum so much more accessible.  We expect this to be the biggest Forum ever, as members around the world can join from the comfort of their own homes.  What is normally a 4-day agenda is now spread over 10 days.  This extended schedule allows us to stretch our offerings over many time zones, so no matter where you live there will be a range of options during waking hours.

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